Artist’s Statement

I’ve been a part of the artistic community for years. I've worked in theater in several roles, eventually working as a photographer for professional theater and opera companies. Many of my photographs have been exhibited and published. I now serve on four theater-related boards.

For the past several years, since switching from film to digital, I’ve been studying and using digital techniques to enhance my photographs. This led me to work on developing a vision for a new artistic medium, which i've labeled "Creative Abstracts." I am attempting to create compelling, involving images, which will stimulate you (and me) visually, intellectually and emotionally. I create these abstracts using brushes, filters and an extensive range of digital tools, rather than analog techniques

For this website, I’ve placed images into galleries, some based on similarity, contrast, shared technique or just that the images seem to go together well! My intent is that my creative abstracts be experienced as “Performance Art.” To adapt and invert a phrase, “What you get is what you see -- this time and each successive time.” Both the artist and the viewer need to participate and perform for these images to live up to their potential. It takes some creative work from both of us, just as with live theater!

What is the source of these varied images? Some come directly from my imagination –I may start with a black screen. More commonly, images may start out as digital close-up and macro-photographs and other images i make or find as a promising source for an abstract.
I must mention the "Art Photographs" that we put on the site in a separate set of galleries. While at one time I worked as a professional photographer, for years, I've limited my photographic work to "Art Photography," produced for my own enjoyment and that of my family and friends. We all see the world around us in our own personal way. I tend to see details, beauty and patterns. Included here is a small selection of photos that I think are pretty neat and that others have enjoyed.

We’ll be changing the galleries on the site as I create more of these Abstracts, so come back and visit us often. I've had a one person show of the abstracts in Stratford, Ontario and these images are owned by a few private collectors (looking for more).